Chinese Factory Visit by Granite Le Pelley

Chinese Factory Visit by Granite Le Pelley

Granite Le Pelley’s Managing Director, Pascal Maurice recently travelled to China to visit two of the factories that regularly supply stone to the Company. This visit was an important part of Granite Le Pelley’s on-going checks to ensure that all the supplying factories offer their employees the correct working conditions and also to ensure that the on-going relationship between businesses are maintained and nurtured.

The first day was spent at a factory in North-West Xiamen which produces Shanxi Black, G654C (Blue) and G617PT (Beige) stone.  The factory employs 37 people within its 7700m2 area and the staff are trained in various finishing processes including flamed, bush hammered, honed and polished.

The second day was spent heading to the North-East of Xiamen to visit another factory which is almost double the size of the first.  Here they produce a light grey coloured stone (G602, G603 and G633) in the same range of finishes.

Of the experience, Pascal said,

“I found the whole trip fascinating.  Having visited a number of factories previously, it was really interesting to see the development of the finishing processes as well as meeting our professional suppliers who were very proud of their work and having the opportunity to show me their capabilities.  I am pleased to say that apart from their very kind hospitality everything met the standards that we stipulate from our stone suppliers to ensure that we not only offer a high quality product but that also meet our health and safety requirements.”