High Visibility Waistcoats donated by AFM

High Visibility Waistcoats donated by AFM

Hundreds of youngsters in Guernsey are being given high visibility waistcoats to ensure they are seen as they walk to and from school. Facilities management specialists AFM, a Garenne Company,has given 250 of the bright orange reflective jackets to children at Monkey Puzzle Hautes Capelles, Vale and La Mare de Carteret Primary Schools.

‘With winter approaching, we were increasingly aware of youngsters walking around the lanes near our headquarters at Garenne Park and were concerned that they were putting themselves at risk by not wearing bright or reflective clothing. We approached a number of the primary schools within close proximity and offered to do what we could to help take care of the children’s safety,’

said AFM managing director Darren Etasse.

'The teachers at each of the schools have helped identify those youngsters who walk or cycle to and from school and who are most likely to benefit from wearing these jackets. We hope that this is a project that we can continue with year after year.'

Sue Coughlin Headteacher, Hautes Capelles said the support from AFM was exactly what they needed.

‘It is something that concerns us every winter and although we do everything possible to teach the children how to use roads and how to be safe, we can’t ensure they are always seen. AFM has provided Hautes Capelles with really practical support that will have an instant and positive impact and we want to thank them for their efforts in keeping youngsters safe.’